Are You a Member?

Are You a Member?

In every gym, one will find quite a few people who are out of shape. 

Perhaps some rarely work out, or they ignore the nutrition advice of their trainers.  We don't judge the gym by these people, however, but rather by those who are in shape and have taken full advantage of what the gym offers. A good gym is one that offers its members all the training and equipment necessary to become physically fit. 

The same applies to our spiritual health.  In our walk with the Lord, Jesus calls us to be spiritually fit.  He does not only call us to be saved from eternal punishment.  Rather, he calls us to be holy, "perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matt 5 :48). He wants us to be spiritually alive to the fullest.  Our lives here on earth are meant to be a time of training, so that we can become the holy men and women God intended for us to be. 

This is why Jesus began the Catholic Church as his living body here on earth: the Church is meant to be "God's Gym," where he offers us everything we need to become saints.  This gym has all of the "equipment" and "dietary supplements" we need to be strong and fit in our journey towards heaven.  Spiritually potbellied though we may be, Jesus wants each of us to join his fitness center and cheer each other on. 

This does not mean that the Church here on earth is perfect. She is full of sinners, each in need of the Lord's mercy and salvation.  Throughout her history, her members and leaders have often sinned miserably.  And yet, the holiness of the Church does not depend upon her members, but upon Christ. The Church is holy because Jesus, her founder, is holy.  And despite our brokenness, through the Church Jesus offers us all the guidance and nourishment we need to become saints and have eternal life. 

Just as a gym's effects are best seen in those who make use of all it offers, the holiness of the Catholic Church is seen most clearly in those members who have taken the Lord's call to holiness seriously.  While we have many examples of people who ignored the Lord's call to holiness, our history is also full of amazing people like John Paul II or Mother Teresa who been spiritually transformed in God's gym and changed the world. 

Jesus wants you to have all of the gifts he intended for your spiritual journey here on earth, especially the best dietary supplement of all: the Holy Eucharist.  To learn more about these gifts, give us a call or visit Membership in God's Gym is free, and its benefits are eternal! 



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